The Heirs: Episode 12

When we left off last episode, those three dramatically ran into each other. They always seem to cause drama in the most unlikely places. Today, it was at a random intersection in the middle of the street.

Just run them over. Maybe then they'll realize what's actually important in life.

Just run them over. Maybe then they’ll realize what’s actually important in life.

To recap, they got here because Young Do was seen hanging out with Eun Sang. Kim Tan, being the jealous and borderline-controlling guy that he always is, has to come and try to take her away.

"Come with me. I have more money."

“Come with me. I have more money.”

Kim Tan’s telling her to go and Young Do’s telling her to stay. Alas, she finally makes her own decision and decides not to go with him. But not after a tearfest about saying goodbye.


Girl, feminism doesn’t have to hurt.

Young Do probably thinks this is his chance now.

You're a bad guy in a drama. You never have a chance.

You’re a bad guy in a drama. You never have a chance.

But at school, Kim Tan sets the record straight.


To be honest, Kim Tan: you only have a better chance because you live with her.

Young Do is later seen trying to stalk Eun Sang on social media.

Me whenever I'm searching for the name "Michael Halo"

Me whenever I’m searching for the name “Michael Halo”

His friends are going through pictures they took at the school camping trip and saw there were many of Young Do with Eun Sang. They finally realize that *GASP* he has a crush on her, to which he didn’t deny. He simply leaves them talking about some dumb stuff like “first love”.


“Can’t be seen hanging with these losers who can’t even read simple body language”.

We see Kim Tan having a conversation with his birth/real mother (Madam Han) about whether she’s happy living in this oppressive house and if she’s okay that he has to keep pretending that she’s not his mother.

Kim Tan, what kind of a question is that?

Kim Tan, what kind of a question is that?

For several episodes now, Eun Sang and her mother became live-in housemaids for Madam Han, so they were all living in the same house. Unfortunately, Madam Han got pissed when she keeps seeing Eun Sang and Kim Tan together, so she kicked them out. Now Eun Sang is going around to find a new place to live.

Cheer up. Didn't you want to get away from rich people drama?

Cheer up. Didn’t you want to get away from rich people drama?

Kim Tan decides to confess to someone his secret (that his real mother is Madam Han, a mistress, and not the chairwoman of the school as people have believed). He clearly doesn’t have any friends because the person he decides to tell is this senior, Hyo Shin, who barely knows him.

You can see how much he cares.

“Wow. Fascinating.”

Kim Tan’s hot older brother, Kim Won, is having drama himself. He’s been scheming to takeover Jeguk Corporation (the family company), but he’s been hitting some major roadblocks because his father is onto him and his secretary isn’t even loyal. He recently found out that his father has been rebuying shares of Jeguk and holding them under borrowed name to give to estranged brother Kim Tan on his birthday, and those shares may actually be majority shares or something like that. He asked his secretary to give him those borrowed names but turns out…his secretary is the one holding those shares.

When your storyline isn't even interesting to a business student.

When your storyline isn’t even interesting to a business student.

Kim Won now finds out that his girlfriend. Hyeon Ju–who he’s been neglecting because he’s too busy conspiring against his own family–has been outed as an orphan raised by Jeguk. She works as a tutor and teacher at Jeguk High. Now, I understand if a student is outed as an orphan, they’ll have a hard time at school…but a teacher? Who the hell cares.

Tbh they should be applauding Jeguk for giving an orphan such opportunities.

They should be applauding Jeguk for giving an orphan such opportunities.

He thinks his father probably ordered this news leaked to mess with him.

To be honest, I think this story is taking the wrong turn.

To be honest, I think this storyline is taking the wrong turn.

He goes home to confront his father and conveniently sees that his girlfriend Hyeon Ju is also there. His father tells Kim Won that he’s been losing focus because of her, and he tells Hyeon Ju “how dare you see my son after everything I’ve done for you”.

Because have you seen him in a suit?

Because, old man, have you seen him in a suit?

She leaves in tears and runs into Kim Tan in the street. He finds out that it’s his bro’s girlfriend.


“How have I never seen you at school even though you work there?”

Kim Tan sees his brother and asks what’s up. His brother tells him that there could be someone following him so be careful.

“Don’t cry or this storyline will drag on even more.”

Eun Sang asks her mom to come see her and bring her a change of clothes. They decide to meet at an eatery, so her mom waits for her there. Conveniently, Young Do is also there. He calls Eun Sang and asks her to get noodles with him.

And I can’t even run into The Vamps at a McDonald’s 3 blocks away,

Eun Sang is shocked to see them both there, so (from far away) she tells Young Do to leave and wait for her in the street instead. He did. She talks to her mom and takes that bag of clothes with her to see Young Do.

Young Do sees her with the bag and is kinda suspicious about her relationship with that lady he saw at the eatery. (Note: he’s just curious why she lives in the same house as Kim Tan)


He’s always thinking…unlike her.

He tells her to wait right there as he races over to her house a block away and search for that lady and asks. That lady unknowingly tells him she’s Eun Sang’s mom.

That look when you realize your whole life revolves around stalking some poor girl.

Before Young Do comes back, Eun Sang realizes that he now knows her mother is a housemaid. She yells at him and is like “Okay, fine, what are you gonna do to me?” And he says “I wasn’t going to do anything. But you put me in a bad mood so I don’t want to have noodles with you anymore.”

Soz. No free noodles today, girl.

Soz. No free noodles today, girl.

The next day or so, Young Do and his dad has a golf game with Kim Tan and Kim Won. It’s not going well because Kim Tan is mouthing obscenity about how he’s the son of Jeguk Group and he’ll beat Young Do and his whole family.

"Maybe we both should get a life."

“Maybe we both should get a life.”

Now, at school, we see a 3-second happening being slowmowed into a 5-minute scene as Eun Sang feels sorry for herself because Kim Tan passes by her in the hallway without saying anything.

You literally told him goodbye and now you're sad?

Bad things happen to people who don’t take opportunities to network.

At home, Kim Tan asks his fake mom, the Chairwoman, to invite Rachel (his fiancee) and her mother over for a nice dinner. She agreed.

A splendid dinner it will be.

A splendid dinner it will be.

Kim Tan’s real mom, Madam Han, finds out and isn’t very happy that Rachel is coming over. Probably because she doesn’t like being around seedy rich people. She gets into a spat with the chairwoman, who she realizes is only doing this to piss her off. She gets even more pissed to find out that Kim Tan did not tell her about this.


Old people drama

Kim Tan and Eun Sang runs into each other in front of the cafe where she works. He tells her some nonsense I don’t even know what, and she (as usual) looks like she’s being held hostage.

Even though it's in the middle of the city.

Even though it’s in the middle of the city.

He then asks her if she enjoys leaving their house, if she enjoys not holding his hand, if she misses him (all rhetorical questions, I assume). She tells him no and other lies, so he gives her two (TWO!!) teeny tiny kisses on the lips.

She would file for harassment if he included tongues.

She would file for harassment if he included tongues.

Then he tells her to leave and not come back. Whatever.

So the dinner happens but Kim Tan is late. We see Rachel and her mom eating with Kim Tan’s real dad and fake Chairwoman mom. Rachel, in particular, is hiding her usual bitchface and is putting on a nice one.

They don't get rich by being real, I'll tell you that.

They don’t get rich by being real, I’ll tell you that.

Kim Tan finally comes home.


“Sorry, I was busy being a creeper with another girl.”

He pulls Rachel aside and tells her that he’s about to reveal something shocking.

Rachel has seen many shiz and is not impressed by your suspense, Kim Tan.

Rachel has seen many things and is not impressed by your suspense, Kim Tan.

Kim Tan sees his real mom crying after being bullied by his fake Chairwoman mom. He pulls his real mom into the living room and announces to everyone that this is his real mom, he’s an illegitimate son, and the engagement (therefore) is over.

"Of course that's not my real son. I would never raise such a moron."

“Of course that’s not my real son. I would never raise such a moron.”

After shocking the guests and getting slapped by his father, Kim Tan and his crying mother talks about what to do now.

They still don't know.

They still don’t know.

We see Kim Tan coming back to Eun Sang’s workplace to see her. They don’t say anything, and the episode just dramatically ends with them standing there looking at each other.

I'm not done being creepy just yet.

“You thought I was done being a creeper.”


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