Misaeng: Episode 2

It’s funny how the moment I stop watching it in Russian, they stop speaking English.

Previously on Misaeng, we were introduced to our protagonist, Geu Rae. He was abandoned at the factory by his colleagues and ended up spending all day looking for octopuses.

At the beginning, we’re seeing a continuation of that. He decides to not go home. He says in the voiceover, “I ended up here because I never worked hard. I was abandoned because I didn’t work hard. Everything miserable right now is because I never worked hard, so I’m gonna work hard starting now.”

He goes back to the office to do work.


It looks like he’s plotting to destroy the company.

The morning starts. Mr. Oh is kinda mad at Geu Rae for some reasons but we’re seeing that Mr. Kim is actually quite nice to him. He tells him to be careful about mistakes because working together is an integral part of the company.


“I know it sucks, but you gotta do it.”

I didn’t introduce you to people’s departments before because I didn’t think it was important. However,  I was wrong and will start doing that now.

Geu Rae works with Mr. Kim and Mr. Oh in the Sales team.

No fear, Geu Rae. You're not doing any actual sales.

“Shit. Sales.”

Next, we see some Guy in Glasses yelling at an intern for not delivering things and being kinda clumsy.


That’s him on the right. He’s the boss.

That GuyInGlasses walks out fuming and runs into Mr. Oh. He tells Mr. Oh that Geu Rae’s secret connection to the company is the Executive Director. The hell?


So secretive that not even Geu Rae knows.

GuyInGlasses says the director probably put him there ’cause he hates Mr. Oh and wants to give him trouble. Whatever.

Then, we see ~KANG HA-NEUL~

Oh boy oh boy oh boy.

Oh boy oh boy oh boy.

The interns are discussing an upcoming presentation project. They will need to present in pairs and pick a partner by tomorrow. We don’t know who’s working with who yet.

Kang Ha-Neul tells Geu Rae he NEEDS to do well or *godknowswhat* will happen to him.

Geu Rae freaks out and asks him, “OMG what should I do? Will it really happen to me?”

Kang Ha-Neul gives him this serious face.


And then…


And then he just laughs. He says there’s more to life than this internship, y’all.


Says someone who has loads of other options.

I’m literally shitting myself yelling at Geu Rae to just ask my boy to be his partner already because a) he’s actually nice to him and b) Ha-Neul needs more screen time.

But like a scared little child, Geu Rae just runs off, leaving Ha-Neul to stand there looking like a gorgeous white/blue-collar office dominator.

What? I have no idea what I just said.

What? I have no idea what I just said.

Mr. Oh is still mad at him, so Geu Rae goes to the rooftop and contemplates life.


“What if Vlad never left Mband?”

Then, we see Young Yi walking in carrying these massive fabric thingy. She interns in the Fabrics department.


Ha-Neul comes along and quickly offers to carry them for her. She asks why, and he says, “1. Because they’re heavy. 2. Because they’re heavy. 3. Because they’re heavy” and proceeds to laugh at his own joke like a loser.

You think feminism is funny?

“HEHEHE I am so lame.”

She doesn’t laugh and he’s like…



He asks her if she has a partner yet, and she says no. PRAISE THE LORD because they go their separate ways and he does not ask her to be his partner.

Young Yi comes over to Mr. Oh for some inter-departmental things. They talk about the presentation. She says Kang Ha-Neul just rejected her as his partner (HUH? WHAT?) but she doesn’t care who her partner is ultimately.


“Is this the fabric from Kang Ha-Neul’s towels at home?”

Having heard that, Geu Rae thinks it’s his chance to ask her to be his partner.


I support this ship if it sinks the other possible ship.

But he chickens out and gets nothing accomplished as usual.

Next, we see a montage of random interns coming to help Geu Rae. Some are giving him snacks and drinks. Some helps him carry his books. They’re being SUUUPER nice to him despite literally hating his guts just yesterday.


Kang Ha-Neul comes along and sees a stack of snacks on Geu Rae’s desk. He just comments on how popular Geu Rae is. Nothing more.



AH, but what’s this?

Young Yi comes along and asks Geu Rae to be her partner. She didn’t bring stupid snacks. It seems genuine.

Yes, I like where this is going.

Yes, I like where this is going.

He didn’t accept yet, though.

Mr. Kim, seeing the interns being weird with Geu Rae, pulls him aside and tells him the truth: the interns only want him because he’s a loser. He’ll make them stand out during the presentation with his lack of confidence and incompetence.


He doesn’t mince his words.

That’s weird, because I really thought it had something to do with Geu Rae’s connection to the Executive Director.

Either way, Geu Rae has a big sad scene about how he wanted so hard to fit in but realizes that he never will now.


Me: *whispers* ask Kang Ha-Neul to be your partner.

When returning to his work, Mr. Kim asks Geu Rae to glue some receipts on paper and deliver to another department. Geu Rae takes some scrap pieces of paper from the trash him and starts working.


Mr. Kim tells Geu Rae that scrap paper is fine but remember to shred confidential paper. Otherwise, the Director would come and yell at the whole team.


It’s not rocket science, Geu Rae.

The incompetent intern that got yelled at earlier comes by and asks Geu Rae for some glue. Geu Rae’s on his way somewhere else and tells that guy he can take the glue on his desk.


Why not use tapes?

That intern uses the glue but accidentally take with a piece of paper that’s confidential. He rushes to the lobby to his things.

This is not gonna be good.

This is not gonna be good.

The incompetent intern accidentally drops a piece of paper on the floor and leaves it there, where some important-looking guy picks it up.


He comes over to to Geu Rae, Mr. Kim, and Mr. Oh to show them the confidential paper he picked up. He doesn’t yell, surprisingly, but we all know what he’s thinking.

But we all know what he's thinking.

“Kang Ha-Neul would never do this.”

Mr. Oh, however, proceeds to chew out Geu Rae, thinking that it’s his fault.

"No Mband concert for you."

“No Mband concert for you.”

It is nighttime now. Mr. Oh overhears the other team talking about something and suddenly remembers that the incompetent intern came over to borrow some glue.screen-shot-2017-01-04-at-1-17-33-am

He realizes that it must have been that guy who dropped the confidential paper on the floor.

What to do? What to do?

Anyway, we next meet some intern named Suk Yool. He comes over to introduce himself to Geu Rae.

I just call him Sucky, because he sucks.

I just call him Sucky, because he sucks.

He takes Geu Rae on the rooftop and ask him to be his partner. Sucky explains that he’s been assigned to the factory instead of working in the office, but he’s still an intern who needs to do the project.

Geu Rae, being wary based on what Mr. Kim told him, asks Sucky why he wants Geu Rae to be his partner.

Sucky tells Geu Rae how many awards Sucky had won and how much work experience he has.


That’s not the question, idiot.

Geu Rae doesn’t give him an answer yet.

Mr. Oh invites Mr. Kim and Geu Rae out for kbbq and drinks. In his drunken state, he reveals his true feelings: that Geu Rae had been doing a fine job and that the glue incident wasn’t his fault but decides not to say who it actually was.

The hell?

“The hell?”

Out in the street, they run into GuyInGlasses and Incompetent Intern. Mr. Oh yells at them and screams drunkenly that the Incompetent Intern did it. He says, “Our kid got in trouble because of your kid.” So he reveals it.


Geu Rae goes home and replays that scene in his head. He’s kinda freaking out because Mr. Oh said, “Our kid.” It implies that he kinda belongs.


The end.

Summary: Geu Rae’s not that incompetent because there’s an even more incompetent intern. Some guy named Sucky comes along and wants to be his project partner? Will he accept? Where’s Kang Ha-Neul???


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