Misaeng: Episode 3

When will Kang Ha-Neul get more screen time???

In the last episode, we realized that Mr. Oh kinda like Geu Rae.

We start this one with Geu Rae talking about how he’s been waking up early for all his life. He used to work a lot of late nights and early mornings. The struggle.


It reminds you to work hard because shit happens if you don’t.

Geu Rae meets Sucky first thing and tells him that he will be his project partner.

Uhm....did you forget your lines, loser? Kang Ha-Neul, anyone???

Uhm….did you forget your lines, loser? Kang Ha-Neul, anyone???

In the breakroom, the interns are talking about Sucky. They call him “the dog” because he’s perverted and drools over women. Kang Ha-Neul’s just listening but doesn’t seem to be the gossiping type.


Good Guy Gang Ha-Neul

Sucky has to go back to the factory and is now telling Geu Rae to choose the topic on his own and basically do all the work.

Oh? You made a horrible mistake? Loser.

Oh? You made a horrible mistake? Loser.

Ha-Neul overhears it and is kinda laughing.



He comes over and asks Young Yi again if she has a partner.

Don't say it, bitches.

Don’t say it, y’all.

She says no. He reveals that Geu Rae is now working with Sucky. He says some more nonsense and walks away.



At work, Geu Rae is having trouble understanding the terminology of Mr. Oh and Mr. Kim. They hand him a trade dictionary, so he’s now studying it.

Or maybe you can just google?

Or maybe you can just google?

Looks like Young Yi is now partner with this guy.

He's also a loser.

Don’t mind him. He’s also a loser.

She’s talking about the project with him but is getting frustrated. He calls her “uptight”. Kang Ha-Neul conveniently comes over with coffee.

Can you, like, go do some work, maybe?

Can you, like, go do some work, maybe?

He sits down and tells her that a lot of people wanted Geu Rae because he’d help them look better. She’s shocked.


Believe it, girlfriend.

Geu Rae’s going about his day but he keeps getting micromanaging texts from Sucky.

His avatar is a dog.

They use a dog as his avatar.

Meanwhile, Sucky is in the streets scoping out pretty girls instead of working.


Like a dog, he is.

Sucky tells Geu Rae that he had seen his first draft but doesn’t like how it sounds. He wants it to be more “sexy”…whatever that means. Geu Rae is frustrated.

Kang Ha-Neul, meanwhiles, is overhearing the whole thing.



The next day, Young Yi sits down with Geu Rae and explains that she never had ulterior motives when she asked him to be her partner. He’s like, “Oh. Sorry.”

Too late for that, buddy.

How do you survive corporate culture without learning to read people?

Kang Ha-Neul comes in and tells Geu Rae his bosses are having some sort of trouble, so he should go.

NO. Do not leave him with her.

He’d be kinda creepy if he wasn’t so snygg.

Mr. Oh is yelling at Mr. Kim because he forgot some things that is now delaying their shipment.


That’s my gist of it.

It’s now just a bunch of scenes of them being super duper frustrated.

They all go down to the factory to sort out the problem.

This is also where Sucky works.

The smell of blue collar.

This is also where Sucky works. He spots Sucky trying to touch a girl’s butt.

Oh dear god.

Oh dear god.

After Sucky gets slapped, they sit down to the discuss the project. Sucky tries to talk about why Geu Rae is here and how incompetent his bosses are, but Geu Rae is super firm and is like, “Just look at the damn files I sent you.”

We all want a Kang Ha-Neul but always end up with this asshole in group projects.

We all want a Kang Ha-Neul but always end up with this asshole in group projects.

Later, in the midst of working, Mr. Oh tells Geu Rae he knows Sucky. He says Sucky is a slacker who is like a tornado, willing to destroy anyone around him. He gives him advice on dealing with him.


“But you still made a bad decision.”

Geu Rae comes talk to Sucky and is super firm. In the voiceover, Geu Rae says he is now at war, like in the game Go.


Wars against bad group project members. I approve.

Everything with Mr. Oh and Mr. Kim is resolved at the factory.

The next day, Geu Rae and Sucky sits down to discuss the project. Sucky is saying nonsense that I don’t really understand.

That means you're not a good presenter.

That means you’re not a good presenter.

They turn in their presentation because it’s due tomorrow.

Sucky continues telling Geu Rae all kinds of crap and Mr. Oh overhears without them knowing, because in Kdrama they’re never aware of they’re surrounding.


He’s literally standing right there.

At their office, he gives Geu Rae some tips on presenting.


Tips that any college grads would know.

Geu Rae meets Sucky on the rooftop to talk about presenting. Sucky says he’ll do all the talking (to make himself look good) and Geu Rae isn’t cool with that.

Okay but who said yes to this guy being your partner?

Okay but who said yes to this guy being your partner?

They fought with each getting a bloody nose. They then receive a text with more instructions on their presentation. It says that, aside from presenting on a topic, they’ll have to demonstrate sales competency by selling their partner something.


The end.

Summary: Geu Rae is now having trouble working with Sucky because that guy just sucks. Kang Ha-Neul needs more screen time.


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