Misaeng: Episode 4

Will Kang Ha Neul get the screen time here?

We left off last episode with Geu Rae and Sucky being frustrated at each other. This group project is clearly not working out.

For the presentation, they need to sell their partner something to display their sales/communication skills. Sucky says, “I won’t buy anything you sell me.”

Dumbass. You get points deducted if you refuse for a bad reason.

Dumbass. You get points deducted if you refuse for a bad reason.

The interns are staying at work overtime to prepare for the presentation. Here’s Kang Ha-Neul:

He's calling me to say that he won't be home for dinner.

He’s calling me to say that he won’t be home for dinner.

Young Yi’s partner is following here around and filming her for his portion of the presentation. This will be explained later.


Can’t you say no to being filmed?

Geu Rae’s being kinda adorable and is practicing sales to an imaginary audience. Mr. Oh walks by and tries to give him tips.

"As you can see, MBand is more profitable by the months."

“As you can see in my data, MBand is more and more profitable.”

The big day is finally here. Their presentation will determine who pass the internship to receive a job offer from the company. Everyone’s gathered outside, holding a box that containing an item they will sell to their partner.

Please stop standing next to her.

Please stop standing next to her.


The people judging them are the director, Mr. Oh, and some other random executives.


Sucky is, all of sudden, very fidgety. He had forgotten his phone at his desk. Geu Rae tries to ask him what’s wrong but he doesn’t respond.


Why do you need your phone tho??

People are presenting team-by-team. Some are doing not so well. The director would ask them questions to clarify their presentation and it’s really nerve-wracking.

It’s now Young Yi and her partner. Young Yi is giving a presentation on whatever and she’s doing quite well.


*Cough* nerd.

Kang Ha Neul is judging her from his seat.


He can give a presentation on the most boring topic and I would still pay attention.

When the director ask them questions, Young Yi answers well. Her partner, however, ends up stumbling and looks really bad compared to her.

Spend less time filming her and more time studying, eh?

Spend less time filming her and more time studying, eh?

It is Kang Ha Neul’s turn to present and he is also doing well. Calm, confident, and cool.

That's my boy.

That’s my boy.

Next, it’s Geu Rae and Sucky.

They go up on stage and Sucky is visibly uncomfortable. Even though he insisted on doing the talking yesterday, he’s not delivering.

We’re learning now that his phone has been ringing because a family member wants to remind him to take his medication. I’m assuming the medication is for some sort of anxiety.


Curing anxiety apparently does not cure slackeritis.

I don’t like how this medication thing is being brought up and I’m not seeing how it contributes to the storyline since he’s still an asshole. Maybe we’ll sympathize with him a little more?

Geu Rae steps up and tries to present instead. This looks like some protagonist hero moment, but he sucks at presenting and is just stammering the whole time.

My god, you both suck.

My god, you both suck.

Sucky sits there with flashbacks of his dad and his childhood. His father is a blue-collar worker and gets laid off super easily. He’s been made fun of at school for that. We’re seeing this is why Sucky works at the factory instead of the office.


But it still doesn’t explain his assholeness.

Suddenly, he gets a burst of energy from thinking of his dad. He asks Geu Rae, “Do you have experience with the factory?” Geu Rae, of course, says no. He gets up to take over the presentation and defend his father’s honor and represent the blue-collared worker.

Oh my god, I'm gonna scream.

Oh my god, I’m gonna scream.

Sucky ends up redeeming himself and does extremely well, putting Geu Rae to shame.

Next up, the selling portion. They’re reminded that points will be deducted if they try to decline without a good reason.

Kang Ha-Neul tries to sell his partner a mirror. First, he compliments him, saying that he’s talented and hardworking. However, he lacks confidence and Ha-Neul wants to sell him a mirror to help him build his brand.

I’m assuming Kang Ha-Neul succeeds because it’s a solid pitch.


And because it’s Kang Ha Neul.

Young Yi’s partner tries to sell her a…a…what?

A remote control?

A remote control?

He says some nonsense and proceeds to play a video of Young Yi throughout her day. They’re not bad things but people are laughing and she’s clearly embarrassed. I guess she has to buy the remote control to turn it off.

Can you be any more pathetic, unnamed guy?

Can you be any more pathetic, unnamed guy?

Sucky tries to sell Geu Rae some string of fabric and a book on work environment and analyses of miscommunications. Geu Rae declines the fabric and kinda agrees to buy the book but maybe not.

But he looks like a conman either way.

But he looks like a conman either way.

Geu Rae, our hero, is now using his time to shine. He surprises everyone by selling to Sucky Mr. Oh’s office slippers that he managed to swipe. So office workers usually take off their dress shoes and run around the office in comfortable slippers. Geu Rae says that this will help him adjust to white-collar life since he’s such a blue-collar loser.

Not verbatim, but you get the idea.

Not verbatim, but you get the idea.

Sucky is now getting offended. He defends the blue collar workers and says that office workers don’t do anything but sign forms. Geu Rae points out how hard people work in offices, such as checking legal documents meticulously and staying up all night for foreign calls. I think this is the part where we see Geu Rae starts slowing adjusting to office life.

The look of someone getting roasted in front of executives.

The look of someone getting roasted in front of executives.

After this, the episode changes. Geu Rae is suddenly back to doing menial part-time work of waiting tables and delivering food. It looks as if he’d failed, but he later discusses waiting for the results with his mom.

And this is literally just episode four.

And this is literally just episode four.

At work, Geu Rae’s desk is empty. Mr. Oh talks about how much he wants Young Yi to join their team. He’s been very impressed with her work.

I don't think it's in a creepy way though.

I don’t think it’s in a creepy way though.

Alright, so the results are out. We’re seeing what the interns are doing when they receive the news.

Young Yi is eating ramen:


I didn’t even recognize her.

Kang Ha Neul is working out with his glasses on.

He's running on the treadmill so it's hard to screencap.

He’s running on the treadmill so it’s hard to screencap.

Sucky is..

Sucky's wherever.

Sucky’s wherever.

And Geu Rae is at his delivery job. I think this is to show the discrepancy between them, who are kinda comfortable with life, and Geu Rae, who’s always struggling.


Geu Rae walks to work and talks about how confident he feels wearing a suit.


Young Yi, Kang Ha Neul, and Sucky are all gathered in the lobby. Ha-Neul comments about how last year they only picked two but this year it’s cool ’cause there’s three.

But that's still wrong.

But that’s still wrong.

Geu Rae surprises everyone when he walks in.

Surprise, bitch.

“Surprise, bitch.”

He is surprised.

He is surprised.

They’re all now sitting in the room with the executive director to welcome them as employees. No one’s looking at him, of course, because that would be rude.

It's strange to learn about other cultures.

Except for Geu Rae.

So the ongoing trope here is that Geu Rae’s name sounds like “yes” in Korean. He would say “yes” and Geu Rae would think he’s calling his name.

Haven't we all had that moment?

Haven’t we all had that moment?

The director goes around and talks to each person about how he’s looking forward to their work and what he finds impressive about them.

What isn't impressive about this guy?

What isn’t impressive about this guy?

But for Geu Rae, he just says, “Okay, work hard.”


They now find their assigned department, and they’re all being switched around. Young Yi is now in Kang Ha Neul’s old department (Resources), and Ha Neul is now in Steel. Sucky is in Young Yi’s old place, Fabrics.

And he'll be great wherever he goes.

He’s not too happy.

Here’s another shot of him:


“I’m fucked.”

But Geu Rae gets to go back to his old place.

"Bet you thought you'd seen the last of me."

“Bet you thought you’d seen the last of me.”

Mr. Kim is pretty happy but Mr. Oh is so disappointed.

"You're not Young Yi!"

“You’re not Young Yi!”

Mr. Oh later tells Geu Rae that he’s honestly not happy to see him. He gives him a wisdom: “Try to survive. Surviving means going toward a complete life. There’s a complete life and an incomplete life. We’re all incomplete lives.”



This show is Misaeng, but it’s also sometimes called Incomplete Life.


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