Misaeng: Episode 5

Is Ha-Neul a bad guy?

In the last episode, the four interns became two-year contract employees and were assigned to different places.

We start off with seeing how each person is doing at their new station.

Geu Rae’s just normal.


Sucky is bored out of his mind in Fabrics. He’s having trouble adjusting to office life and had tried to request a move to the factory but it was denied.


The back of Kang Ha Neul’s head is not doing any better. He’s not being treated well, according to Geu Rae’s narration.


Young Yi went from stellar intern to crappy employee who now specializes in delivering lunch.


In this episode, we’re introduced to another female character. It seems like she used to have a thing with Mr. Oh but now she’s married with a kid.

Her name is Ms. Sun. I’ll call her Miss Sunny. She works in the Sales department.


In the Resources team, they’re working on a shipment of cargo. The dude sitting asks Mr. Jung (the dude standing) for the B/L draft that he’s supposed to receive from Mr. Oh.

A B/L is a document that says a cargo has been received. That’s not important. What’s important is that Jung completely does not have it at the moment, and he panics. He then said that Mr. Oh never gave it to him.


Word got around to Mr. Oh, and he’s extremely pissed. When Jung stops by, Mr. Oh made it clear that he gave it to him months ago and yells at him so hard.


This doesn’t look hard, but it’s hard, I promise.

Even Kang Ha-Neul sees it:


He wants the tea.

Geu Rae and Mr. Kim goes out for a chat. Mr. Kim said Mr. Oh is very meticulous and would definitely have given it over.

HOWEVER, Mr. Oh apparently also has a history of not taking responsibility. Mr. Kim tells the story of the time an employee died because of that. Shit.


I think Mr. Kim is a great character. A+

The four former interns go to a training hosted by Miss Sunny. Throughout the month, they’ll go to trainings hosted by different departments.


After the meeting, they stand outside talking about their new work. They know Young Yi is having trouble adjusting to Resources since she’s one of the only women there.


Kang Ha Heul doesn’t say anything, but we got shots of him looking attentively and thinking deeply.



Young Yi is now on the rooftop getting reprimanded by her supervisor. He asked her why she didn’t do this, and she said it’s because she needed to do this other urgent stuff. He then said she should have pulled an all-nighter, duh.

"You should've pulled an all-nighter, jerk."

“YOU should’ve pulled an all-nighter, jerk.”

She gets sad and goes to the bathroom to cry.

Hopefully, this will give her strength to shut down misogyny.

Hopefully, this will give her strength to shut down misogyny.

Miss Sunny comes in and here’s a shot of these two only female characters talking. Miss Sunny is sort of the older version of what Young Yi wants to be, except we’re seeing that she’s really struggling to balance her family and work.


Geu Rae and Sucky are talking. Sucky tells Geu Rae the story of how someone died because of Mr. Oh. Basically, he refused to take responsibility and I guess everything fell on that employee. The employee quit to start a delivery business, and he died while delivering something.

Don't you think that's kind of a stretch?

Don’t you think that’s kind of a stretch?

Back to the topic of misogyny, a random woman collapsed because she’s pregnant but overworked. The guys around her just sort of like “Ugh. Whatever.”

Do y'all not have HR?

Do y’all not have HR?

There’s now a meeting and every character of ours are in it. They’re talking about the B/L draft, and Mr. Oh insists that it’s been handed over already. The old man in charge of the meeting totally doesn’t buy it. Mr. Oh then accuses the old man of being petty toward the team because of the sexual harassment charge last year that was made against him.

And now he's mad.

And now he’s mad.

By their conversation, Miss Sunny was the one on the receiving end of the harassment. He was all like “Well, she shouldn’t have worn a low-cut top” and other typical victim-blaming lines. I don’t think he did anything but made lewd comments. He insists that it’s not harassment.

He turns to Young Yi, the only other girl in the room, and asks if that’s harassment. She hesitates but says that if the person feels like it’s harassment, then it is.

But that's also classic harassment case though.

Smart girl.

He then got super mad, blah blah blah.

Ha-Neul is absorbing all the tea.

Ha-Neul is absorbing all the tea.

The meetings is brought to an end because of the awkwardness here. Resources still have not admitted to receiving the B/L, and Mr. Oh just left.

The interns stay behind to chat. They asks Kang Ha Neul, who used to work in Resources, if he had ever seen the B/L. Ha-Neul is awfully quiet and guilty-looking.

Did he throw it away?

Did he throw it away?

Geu Rae chases after Ha-Neul and asks again if he had seen the B/L. Ha-Neul just sternly says “no” and asks “do YOU know everything about YOUR team?”

Rhetorically, of course.

Rhetorically, of course.

He leaves but gets cornered by Young Yi, who asks again if he really saw it.



He does that signature Ha-Neul dramatic pause.

*Steals your girlfriend in 5 seconds*

*Steals your girlfriend in 5 seconds*

They go outside to talk. He doesn’t say yes or no, but he does tell her to reconsider probing into the situation. The fact that she’s in Resources make the situation more fragile. If she finds out that the Resources team really did receive it, what can she do about it? If she brings it up, how would they treat her, especially since they haven’t been treating her too well in the first place? They would think she’s siding with Mr. Oh and the other department.


1-0 to Ha-Neul.

Back in the office, the Resources team go over to Mr. Oh to provoke them and are having some kind of a fight. Young Yi stays behind and tries to look through documents to find the B/L.


Oh, and what do we have here?

It's the B/L! Ha-Neul, you sneaky mf.

It’s the B/L! Ha-Neul, you sneaky mf.

Ha-Neul sees it because he really is a sneaky mf.

And guilty, too.

And guilty, too.

No one knows she found it, though. So Geu Rae is later seen trying to sneak into Resources to look for it as well:


Unfortunately, Mr. Oh caught him and told him to go back to work. It’s not his business.

Ha-Neul watches from afar:


Seeing that, he catches Young Yi in the hallway and congratulates her for not telling anybody.

Please separate these two.

Please separate these two.

Mr. Oh is like, “Okay, Geu Rae, you’re gonna cause a lot of trouble here so why don’t you just take a field trip somewhere?”

Miss Sunny has a kid in daycare that she needs to pick up, so Mr. Oh asks Geu Rae to go do it for her.



Geu Rae goes to the daycare and sees a bunch of kids waiting to be picked up. He asks if they can play with him on the playground since they look a bit antsy, and the teacher’s like, “Well, no, because you’re a complete stranger and they need to have a teacher with them.”



Suddenly, this teacher goes up and is like, “I’ll come with them.”

Well, fuck me.

Ugh, she better not be his love interest.

They go out to playground with the kids and play. Geu Rae seems to really enjoy it. I’m thinking he’ll quit the office job and find his calling as a daycare instructor.

Defy gender roles, y'all.

Defy gender roles, y’all.

Young Yi is helping with Miss Sunny while asking her a hypothetical question about right and wrong. She feels guilty about keeping the B/L a secret.


The right answer is right.

Young Yi goes to the daycare to tell the truth to Geu Rae. She gives him the code for Resources’ filing cabinet and offers to take care of Miss Sunny’s child while he goes take the B/L. This way, Resources would not know it’s her to retaliate against.

Is it a good strategy?

Is it a good strategy?

This teacher girl comes back to find Young Yi instead of Geu Rae. She asks for Geu Rae’s number.

GIrl, no.

Girl, only Young Yi can end up with him.

It’s nighttime now. Geu Rae runs back to the office and shuffles through a bunch of files in Resources’ cabinet. He can’t find the B/L anywhere.


Unfortunately, he got caught.

Of course he did.

Of course he did.

The guy drags Geu Rae out to punish him, but Mr. Oh comes in with the B/L in his hand, showing that he found it and they were lying the whole time.


Although that guy could just spin it around and say that Mr. Oh finally signed it.

Mr. Oh gives that dude the B/L and demands that he tell the team the truth. He and Geu Rae go out for kbbq to celebrate.


With unlimited rice.

Geu Rae asks who gave him the combination to Resources’ filing cabinet, but he wouldn’t tell. Right away, we cut to the shot of Young Yi going back to the office.


But she runs into a certain someone…

Well FML.

Well FML.

They now stand in the office in a kdrama-like type of silence looking at each other. I think Ha-Neul is the one who told Mr. Oh the combination.

We then see a scene of Miss Sunny at home with her kids and the work-life juggle she and her husband deal with. The next morning, we see Geu Rae at Mr. Oh’s house because they got super drunk last night. Whatever.


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