Misaeng: Episode 6

This is your lucky day because it’s Kang Ha-Neul’s episode! He has so many scenes that I’m not even screencapping all of his shots.

At the start of the workday, Kang Ha-Neul is the first one to come in.


He narrates to say that he enjoys coming in to work before everyone else, because he gets to do things like…

Looking around like a complete nerd:


Standing around making coffee like a complete nerd:


Reading the news ’cause that’s what nerds do:


He says there is “an appropriate amount of tension and ease of mind”.

God I hate you.

God I hate you.

Young Kang Ha-Neul also woke up early.


Wasn’t he kinda big as a kid?

His peace is suddenly interrupted when his boss comes in. Idk what his boss’ name is but he’s kinda cute. Ha-Neul seems to resent him. We’ll find out why later.


Because he’s threatened by that actor’s fame and cuteness?

Ha-Neul is just sitting there, so he asks the boss if there’s anything he can do. The boss just says to wait.


Deliver pizza to my house maybe

He gets up from his desk to see some kind of commotion happening:


Apparently it’s Mr. Oh, Mr. Kim, and Geu Rae celebrating some sort of accomplishment:


We can see that those three are starting to look like a team.

They go to the break room to get celebratory coffee and run into Ha-Neul there.


The three are talking nonsense with Ha-Neul just listening in. He’d occasionally look over at Geu Rae as if he can not believe Geu Rae is actually accepted by those two men.

"I created you!"

“I created you!”

They’re interrupted by some yelling in another room. They look over to see this man being reprimanded:

His name is Mr. Park

His name is Mr. Park

Park works in IT sales, and he’s being yelled at for caring too much about the customers and neglecting the company’s interests. Mr. Oh makes a comment to them about how Park is a very honest and good employee who cares about both sides.


In another room, Young Yi’s getting yelled at because they know she gave Geu Rae to find the B/L. Her boss then said some misogynist comment about not trusting women.


Which is ironic since they’re the one that lied…

Mr. Oh needs to make a sale to someone important, and the team finds out together that the person is Mr. Oh’s old classmate. He gets super excited because he thought this would be easy peasey.

But this is a drama so we all know it's not.

Why is Sucky here?

Young Yi is now outside trying to carry some wooden boards from her car. She accidentally drops them on her feet and needs to go to the nurse. Her boss is there to naturally get annoyed at her.

She should've dropped them on him. Shame.

She meant to drop them on him. Shame.

In the elevator, guess who she runs into!

They need to stop forcing this ship down our throat.

They need to stop forcing this ship down our throat.

Like any guy in a kdrama, he takes the boards from her forcefully and won’t give them back.



Meanwhile, Mr. Oh and Geu Rae go see Mr. Oh’s friend and get the contract signed. That friend leaves them waiting for a long time, so Mr. Oh tells cute little Geu Rae about their friendship while they wait.

Wow, you went to an MBand concert?

Wow, you went to an MBand concert?

The guy comes back and still has not signed the contract yet. He makes an excuse and says that he’ll review it more in-depth.

He leaves and we learn through his conversation with someone else that he doesn’t see Mr. Oh as a friend at all. Probably because Mr. Oh used to bully him or something?



Back in the office, everyone’s surprised that the contract’s not signed despite Mr. Oh saying they’re friends.

But surprise, surprise, that guy calls again and apologizes for not signing it. He asks them to have dinner to resume the talk. Mr. Oh and Mr. Kim are excitedly reserving a spot at some very cool restaurant:


To their dismay, the guy decides to go somewhere else.


There’s a lot of drunken stuff but, at the end of the day, they didn’t get anything signed. He later calls Mr. Oh to explain that he was never going to do the deal but he wants Mr. Oh to suck up to him for once.

But I sympathize with that guy because I also hold grudges.

But I sympathize with that guy because I also hold grudges.

Geu Rae goes up to the rooftop to see Park, who is about to hand in a resignation later. Cute little Geu Rae doesn’t know that, but he tells Park that he hears he’s a great employee who cares about the customer.


Park is delighted to see such an innocent creature looking up to him since he’s been giving up hope after getting yelled at.


Park needs to go to meet with a partner to resolve some problems, so he takes Geu Rae and Ha-Neul with him.

Geu Rae asks him questions about sales and tries to make him feel better:


Ha-Neul’s just kinda…


So they’re following him around and Ha-Neul’s smiling, so cute.


Suddenly, they hear some conversation through the door talking about Park and their company. Those people are saying that Park is a pushover, so they’ll keep stalling the deal to give him hope but ultimately will not sign it.


Ha-Neul’s like let’s just go home but Geu Rae wants to stay and give Park some confidence to face those guys. There’s a lot of stuff going on with this storyline but tbh I won’t go into details.


Ha-Neul’s not into it so neither am I.

Geu Rae goes to one big meeting after another, to the surprise of everybody. He sits alongside Park to give him help.


They win, whatever.

Ha-Neul sees Geu Rae down and about later in the day. He goes up and asks him why he’s so down. Geu Rae says that he realizes he wasn’t much help, and Ha-Neul’s like, “NO! REALLY? You mean you, a newbie, couldn’t be of much help in these big corporate meetings????”

In a more calm manner, of course.

In a more calm manner, of course.

The end.


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