Misaeng: Episode 7

We start out with Young Yi is getting yelled at by her freaking boss:


I really hate him.

He gets mad, hits her with some paper, and now she has a scar like the 4th Prince Wang So:

Somebody get her a mask pronto!

Somebody get her a mask pronto!

Mr. Oh and Geu Rae comes to her rescue before her boss was about to give her another verbal beating.


Mr. Oh, Mr. Kim, and Geu Rae are now discussing which project to take on. Their projects have to be approved by the different teams, so they have to pick wisely. Mr. Oh likes this super risky project.


In Young Yi’s team, her boss has a carbon emission project that has been rejected by Finance. He asks her to figure out how to get it approved.

Nothing she can't do.

Nothing she can’t do.

Yet, Geu Rae overhears some water-cooler talk about how they’re just giving the task to her but they know she’ll never get it approved because it’s impossible.



Meanwhile, Ha-Neul is at his desk bored as hell. His boss is so busy that he won’t even assign him any work.


He gets up to talk to his boss and asks him, “Omg why are you doing this to me? Why am I not doing anything important???”

His cute boss is like, “Wow, you are such a drama queen, Ha-Neul.”

He's a year older than Lee Dong Wook ok?

He’s a year older than Lee Dong Wook ok?

His boss tells him, “I just don’t think you’re ready yet.” He hands Ha-Neul some Excel assignment and tells him to do those.

"What am I? A high schooler?"

“What am I? A high schooler?”

In between Excel spreadsheets, Ha-Neul meets with Young Yi. She asks him about the carbon emission project since he used to work in her department. He says that the team just wants her to say that she can’t do it so they win.


“Give in to misogyny.”

He invites her out to coffee. Smh.

Sucky comes in to also invite Geu Rae out for coffee and gets into some big spiel about whatever. Everyone ignores him and continues working.


But eventually Geu Rae goes with him. They head to this place that they decide is more like a date spot.


They leave, only to run into these two:

Did they choose a "date" spot on purpose?

Did they choose a “date” spot on purpose?

Sucky’s totally confused because he invited them earlier but they said they couldn’t go.

Poor Sucky. No one wants to hang with them except Geu Rae.

Poor Sucky. No one wants to hang with them except Geu Rae.

All four of them sit down to talk about work problems.


Geu Rae encourages Young Yi to go for the approval and try her best despite Ha-Neul wanting her to give up.

So the next day, Young Yi goes to meet the Finance woman for approval. The woman says she’ll give her project a second look if she gives a report on why it’s rejected and how it can be improved.


Ha-Neul is bored and leaves work on time while he watches Geu Rae getting serious stuff done.


He meets Young Yi on the way and she tells him that she’s pulling an all-nighter for the report.


He gives something for the scar that she got earlier.

Stop this ship before it sails.

Stop this ship before it sails.

So Geu Rae’s pulling an all-nighter.

"I'll be up all night, no sleep."

“I’ll be up all night, no sleep.”

And Young Yi:

"'Cause I feel like I'm always dreaming."

“‘Cause I feel like I’m always dreaming.”

They take a break together.

Get this ship on the way!

Get this ship on the way!

The next morning, Ha-Neul gets told that his Excel file was done wrong. It’s not in the right format and he expects the cute boss to check his work for him.


His boss is kinda frustrated that Ha-Neul doesn’t know the basics.


With Mr. Oh, Mr. Kim, and Geu Rae, they’re trying to get their project approved.

It's kinda boring.

It’s kinda boring.

Young Yi’s working on her report, but she takes a break. She meets with Mr. Oh outside and they talk about how they learned Russian. Mr. Oh then breaks into a patriotic, classic Russian song.

She's more of an MBand girl.

She’s more of an MBand girl.

While Mr. Oh and Mr. Kim deals with some drama, Ha-Neul is seen sneaking a peak at an spreadsheet made by his boss. It’s practically perfect, unlike his.


Young Yi finishes her report and leaves it on her desk. Her bosses see it and decides to take it to their meeting without her. I’m not sure if she meant for that to happen or not.


She comes back, finds it gone, and says that it went well. I guess she did mean for that to happen.

But she doesn't want credit?

But she doesn’t want credit?

The end.



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