Misaeng: Episode 8

Omg I’m so behind with these recaps but here goes.

This episode, the question to think about is “what do you do on the weekends?”

For me, that’s easy. I watch Misaeng.

Geu Rae runs.


Ha-Neul goes on blind dates.


I’m too busy thinking about his cute boss that I’m not even mad.

His date talks about how it’s cool that he works for a big company and that he needs money for their house and kids. She wants to get married soon.


Gold-digger alert.

He goes to the movie and we think he’s there with his date but actually no. Apparently, he’s gonna see a movie by himself.

Idk if he's a loser or really cool.

Idk if he’s a loser or really cool.

He runs into Young Yi.

It's always weird to see her out of professional clothes.

It’s always weird to see her out of professional clothes.

They saw the movie together. He didn’t enjoy it much because it was too scary.


I should’ve been there to hold him. Sorry.

Nothing happens after that, but this is the look I’m giving Young Yi:

Thanks for the good scare.

Thanks for the good scare.

The next day at the office, Mr. Kim is walking to his desk and runs into Ha-Neul’s cute boss. My heart may have skipped a beat. I have no idea what they’re talking about.

I don't really know why they're even talking.

I don’t really know why they’re even talking.

We’re introduced to this episode’s conflict.

Mr. Oh and the team are assigned a Middle Eastern project. They need to get the contract signed by someone. Mr. Oh refuses to take it on and gets yelled at by his boss, who threatens to give their team loads of work if they don’t do this. However, if they can get it done, they’ll be rewarded with a new team member, which is something Mr. Oh really wants.

I'm still thinking about Ha-Neul's boss. Please give me sec.

I’m still thinking about Ha-Neul’s boss.

Mr. Kim explains to Geu Rae that they’ll be dealing with a very quirky client, Mr. Mun. The client’s way of doing things violate Mr. Oh’s principles and characters.


We’re just confused now.

We still don’t know why he won’t do it, but Mr. Oh asks them to buy expired milk. The three guys now try to drink it so they’ll get sick and they won’t have to deal with Mr. Mun.


How bad is this project, y’all???

They’re now sitting in the bathroom together but no one’s sick.

Eff you, good immune and digestive systems.

“Eff you, good immune and digestive systems.”

Suddenly, this strange woman comes in to tell them, “I heard you’ll be working with Mr. Mun. My firm and I are here to help you.”



Mr. Kim has to explain to Geu Rae some more. He says that Mr. Mun doesn’t sign contracts until after Round 2, which is interpreted as “sexual favors”. That’s illegal, but it’s what he wants.


It’s important to note that Mr. Oh is married with children. Sexual favors here implies that they’ll all be enjoying the deed with prostitutes and then Mr. Mun will sign the contract.

Sucky, who’s always on the top of the latest gossip, comes to Mr. Oh and tells him a plan: just get him really drunk in Round 1 and make him sign the contract before he proceeds to Round 2.


Sucky’s always thinking, unlike the rest of y’all.

So it’s Kang Ha-Neul’s part!

But wait…

His cute boss isn't here!

His cute boss isn’t here!

Ha-Neul sees his spreadsheet on his boss’ desk with marks all over. He grabs the sheet and angrily goes back to his desk to make the changes.

Working with an attractive boss is such a pain.

Working with an attractive boss is such a pain.

Suddenly, he gets a text message from a recruiter, telling him that she can match him with another good company. Ha-Neul makes a comment on how that’s such good timing.



I originally wanted him to leave because that’ll make for such an exciting plot twist but then I realize I won’t see his boss anymore and that’s even worse.

For Young Yi: she’s getting yelled at again for no good reason. She was working on this project and her boss wanted to take it over. He wants her to leave it but she continues working on it. He doesn’t want to share.

I think it may be time to give them a piece of your mind.

I think it may be time to give them a piece of your mind.

Geu Rae, Mr. Oh, and Mr. Kim are going over operations Get Mr. Mun Super Drunk So They Won’t Have to Do Immoral Things.

Geu Rae notes that there have been people in the past who refused Round 2, but they all walked home empty-handed. The ones who accepted Round 2 got either their contracts signed or received great feedback from Mr. Mun.


Sucky then comes in to talk about their actual plan. They’ll be seated accordingly around Mr. Mun to pour him drinks or distract him. They’ll try to do some tricks to make sure they don’t actually drink anything (like having a bucket to spit in) but give Mr. Mun extra extra alcohol.


Will it work? Stay tuned.

But in the next scene, look who’s here…



His boss’ name is Mr. Kang. I’m not sure what to do about this since Ha-Neul’s last name is Kang. Will it get confusing?

He tells Ha-Neul that his spreadsheet looks good and hands him some extra tasks, telling him to do these and mail those documents blah blah.



I think this 3-second scene has been too much for me.

Meanwhile, Ha-Neul stands there looking like he’s about to murder him.


Oh shit. I don’t want to see Ha-Neul mad anymore.

You thought the drama’s about to end but nah ah. After his boss’ directions, he goes to the secretary and slams the documents on her table, saying, “You heard him. Do them.”

His boss is in the midst of untying his tie as he sees this happening.


WHy can't Young Yi have this kind of attitude?

WHy can’t Young Yi have this kind of attitude?

Mr. Kang asks, “Ha-Neul, what are you doing?”

Ha-Neul goes on a rant about how he’s here to do business, not make charts and check balances and mail stuff (aka, things he’d done as an intern). He’s upset that his other colleagues are accomplishing things, including–god forbid–Geu Rae.


“Even if you’re hot, you can’t get away with treating me like this.”

Mr. Kang just looks at him as he’s ranting.


“I absolutely can.”

Young Yi walks by to see this confrontation, because this is a drama and someone’s gotta see this.

"Whoa, I never realized Ha-Neul has such a cute boss."

“Whoa, I never realized Ha-Neul has such a cute boss.”

After Ha-Neul’s stupid ass rant, Mr. Kang Boss goes back to his work. He tells the secretary to put those documents back on Ha-Neul’s desk and let him do the work.


Eff yeah.

Ha-Neul heads out and Young Yi runs after him, but he’s like, “Don’t console me.”

"Can I get your boss' number?"

“Can I get your boss’ number at least?”

He sees Geu Rae in the lobby and gives him a death stare.


Young Yi follows behind. She suddenly sees this random man who recognizes her and she recognizes him. She runs away in distress.


This plotline sucks and I'm not gonna care.

This plotline sucks so I’m not gonna care.

The next morning, Ha-Neul comes into work to see the godforsaken document still on his desk and not the secretary’s.


He sits there, gets frustrated, and remembers the events of last night.

Yes, yes. Keep remembering, Ha-Neul.

Yes, yes. Keep remembering, Ha-Neul.

He pulls up the text from the recruiter and gives them a phone call.



Cut to the next scene. Today’s a big day for Mr. Oh, Mr. Kim, and Geu Rae. They’re hyping themselves up to meet Mr. Mun.


This is Mr. Mun.

This is Mr. Mun.

It’s a long plot but basically, they failed. They couldn’t get him drunk without being drunk themselves.


At the end of the night, drunked Mr. Oh slips the contract to drunked Mr. Mun.


They don’t go up to the hotel with Mr. Mun for Round 2 but still walk away drunk without accomplishing anything.


We see Mr. Mun waking up in bed with this woman, who’s clearly not a prostitute.


It looks like Mr. Kim in disguised but it's not.

It looks like Mr. Kim in disguised but it’s not.

Mr. Oh explains that he did all kinds of research on Mr. Mun and found out that it was his anniversary with his wife. Mr. Oh brought Mr. Mun’s wife to his hotel basically to replace the prostitutes.


Mr. Oh is distraught that nothing was accomplished, but he’s seen here happily talking to his son.


I think the point is that Mr. Oh is a family man. He wouldn’t have sex with strange women and wanted Mr. Mun’s wife to get the anniversary present she deserved, even at the expense of the project.


In another scene, Young Yi’s getting yelled at again for not leaving the project like she’s told.


Sucky comes to tell her that they’re just threatened when they see a talented woman.


Despite Sucky’s confidence-boosting pep talk, she goes to her boss to tell him that she’ll give up on the project so he can take it over. In the meantime, she’ll be doing odd jobs for him as he works on it.



In the next scene, we see Ha-Neul editing his resume.




I made it big so you could see.

Unfortunately, Mr. Kang Boss comes and he has to turn it off.


He asks Ha-Neul for the documents he assigned yesterday and Ha-Neul’s like…



Mr. Kang Boss tells Ha-Neul that he can quit if he’s not happy; that their department is a conservative one and he shouldn’t be here if all he wants is attention and quick results; and that he doesn’t know the basics to even do the big jobs.

He doesn't look too good in this scene so I'm not doing close-ups.

He doesn’t look too good in this scene so I’m not doing close-ups.

Ha-Neul looks like he just got so insulted. He says Mr. Kang Boss is just giving excuses but in reality he doesn’t like him.


Oh shit.

Mr. Kang Boss gets up to leave and Ha-Neul runs after him to the elevator. He asks, “Omg, seriously, why don’t you like me?”

"Everyone likes me."

“Everyone likes me.”

Mr. Kang Boss thinks that he’s being ridiculous. “I don’t even know you that well,” he says.


I think he just doesn’t look good with the jacket on. It makes him older?

He reminds Ha-Neul of his first day. Ha-Neul came into the department without even bother to read their files. Instead, he sauntered in with a report on how to they can improve, which shows that he likes to stand out instead of being patient and learn. He has a long way to go.

Ha-Neul is insulted and argues that they’re just excuses.


He’s being unreasonable but I would react the same way tbh.

Mr. Kang Boss leaves. Frustrated Ha-Neul takes off his glasses but doesn’t turn around so we can’t see what he looks like.

Seriously, man?

Seriously, man?

He goes back to his desk and sends the resume.



Later the next day at lunch, Ha-Neul meets with a recruiter. She says that the company is foreign, so that explains why his resume was in English.



Geu Rae walks by and sees him.


Mr. Kang Boss also comes by to see the scene.

But he just walks away.

But he just walks away.

Okay, how do y’all know that this is a recruiter to even look worried?


Mr. Oh and his team managed to get the contract signed because of Mr. Mun’s wife. They’re happy and are on the way to meet their new team member as promised.


It’s this man:



They’re surprised and not happy to see him.

Who is he???

Who is he???


The end.


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