Misaeng: Episode 9

Will Mr. Kang Boss have more screen time here?

We left off last episode with this dude joining the team and we have no idea why they’re so disappointed:


His name is Mr. Park and he’s already acting like an asshole. He calls Geu Rae a contract worker, clearly looking down on him, and he takes over Mr. Kim’s desk without asking.



Mr. Oh begs the person in charge of their department to send another person. He refuses to budge, saying that Mr. Park knows a lot about the Middle East, which is where they’ll be doing their next project.


At their desk, Mr. Park just kinda sits there, not doing anything. He spends time asking Geu Rae about his qualifications and creating arguments in the team.



Ugh, enough with ugly bosses drama. Let’s talk about cute bosses.



Ha-Neul comes in to see Mr. Kang Boss packing up. Ha-Neul remembers the event of yesterday, where he went to see a recruiter and we know that Mr. Kang Boss saw it. It’s revealed here that Ha-Neul saw him saw him.



I hope that makes sense.

Mr. Kang Boss doesn’t say anything about the recruiter, but he informs Ha-Neul that he’s leaving for the day (probably for a business trip somewhere) but he’ll be back tomorrow.



He really doesn’t look good with the suit jacket.

Ha-Neul’s just like, “Okay.”


When Mr. Kang Boss leaves, he picks up the phone to call the recruiter. He confirms an interview date. It’s on a weekday, but he’s prepared to go anyway because that’s how little f*ck he gives about his job.


He turns around because he hears some commotion going on. Apparently, it’s Young Yi being yelled at.



Since she took herself off a project, she’s now relegated to doing odd chores for her boss. Because she’s such a good worker, she goes the extra mile, such as anticipating that he’ll run out of staplers and getting staplers for him. He gets mad and yells at her to stop doing things that he didn’t ask her to do.

But he'll yell at her for not taking initiatives smh.

But he’ll yell at her for not taking initiatives smh.

He’s so angry that he tells her, “Just go take out people’s trash and clean the bins.”

At first, she hesitates, but then she agrees.


Ha-Neul sees that and stops her in the hallway. He takes her trash and cleans it out for her, asking her why she’s doing that. Young Yi tries to stop him but she can’t because he runs into the men’s bathroom.



Mr. Kim sees it and asks if they’re dating. Geu Rae says he doesn’t know.



Young Yi meets Ha-Neul outside to reprimand him for butting into her business. They talk about how hard work is, and Ha-Neul announces that he’s going to quit.


Hmm...is my desire to see his boss greater than my desire to see this ship sink?

Hmm…is my desire to see his boss greater than my desire to see this ship sink?

For Sucky, his boss seems very happy with his latest performance. He gives Sucky his credit card and asks him to get the two of them coffee…the most expensive ones.


Sucky goes to the coffee shop and buys the most expensive drinks but finds out that the credit card is declined.



He tells his boss but doesn’t make him pay to keep the good spirit.

His boss then assigns him some tasks, such as staying up till 11 PM to talk to a foreign partner.


Sucky feels uncomfortable, like his boss is giving him his work and asks Geu Rae if that’s normal. Geu Rae doesn’t have time to care about his drama.


Speaking of Geu Rae, the team’s feeling uneasy because Mr. Park’s not there. We see that he’s out there playing pool with friends.



Mr. Oh comes over to Steel to look for Mr. Kang Boss. Ha-Neul informs him that he’s in Pohang for a business trip.


It seems like a trip from Seoul to Pohang is only about 50m by plane. People go on trips in Misaeng a lot, so I feel like Korea is mostly accessible within only a day.


Ha-Neul puts on his suit as if he’s about to leave. Mr. Kang Boss’ phone rings but he doesn’t pick it up. He just stares at Mr. Oh and Mr. Oh wonders why he’s not picking up the phone.



Mr. Oh picks up the phone for him and takes a message. He tells Ha-Neul that he better not have his minds on something else (implying that he feels like Ha-Neul wants to leave).


Mr. Park is finally back. After talking about Geu Rae’s lack of high school diploma and making other condescending comments, he picks up the project about halal meat in the Middle East.


Still an asshole.

The team goes out for kbbq to gossip about Mr. Park. They say that he was very valuable in another department, so he’s not completely bad. They decide to support him, and Geu Rae will be working on the project with him. Mr. Kim tells Geu Rae to say no to Mr. Park if he makes him do something he doesn’t want and not be such a pushover.


Geu Rae goes home and thinks of strategies he learned from the game Go to defeat Mr. Park.


The next day, he runs into Ha-Neul in the elevator. He asks Ha-Neul what Mr. Park was like since he must have worked with him in another department. At first, Ha-Neul’s like, “You want me to badmouth my former boss???????”


But later he says something to Geu Rae about how he’s kinda difficult to handle so Geu Rae should just steer clear of him I think.


At their desk, Geu Rae impressively got a bunch of stuff done for their halal project. Mr. Park doesn’t want to show he’s impressed by some guy who never graduated high school, so he starts asking Geu Rae a bunch of trade terms, thinking that he wouldn’t know them.


But Geu Rae, of course, knows the definition for all of them because Mr. Oh once made him study the trade term dictionary in an earlier episode.

After spewing out a bunch of trade terms and realizing that Geu Rae is too good, Mr. Park says in English, “Hello, Mr. Jang. We consider Halal food to be contaminated when they come into contact with any non-Halal food. I understand the packaging process but not the storage procedures. Please provide us with the specifics per your suggestion. How would you respond to that?”


Geu Rae doesn’t understand any language other than Korean, so he’s just there like:



Having stumped him, Mr. Park is satisfied now.


In Ha-Neul’s team, we find out that Mr. Kang Boss can’t come in today either.

Worst. Episode. Ever.

Worst. Episode. Ever.

Damn it. We need someone to tell Ha-Neul how incompetent he is.


Some guy from another department comes by and finds out that Mr. Kang isn’t here. Unfortunately, the budget for their project changed and they needed to revise it and re-submit it. Since Mr. Kang isn’t here, the guy told Ha-Neul he would have to do it.


Ha-Neul is like “fuck” and walks around feeling sorry for himself.


OHH. I suddenly remember this episode now. I think this is the one where we’ll see Mr. Kang Boss later but not in the office. Ah-hah.

Ha-Neul looks at the project folder and is kinda distressed.


Suddenly, he gets a phone call. Who is it?


It's him!

It’s him!

He heard that the project needs to be revised and asks Ha-Neul if he’s up for the job. Ha-Neul pauses but eventually says yes.

Mr. Kang Boss then says, “I hope you won’t do a bad job just because you’re quitting.”



That shocks everyone because it’s the first time he’s acknowledged that he knows Ha-Neul’s quitting.



But despite that, Ha-Neul will get it done.

Not a bad episode after all.

In Geu Rae’s team, Mr. Park asks Geu Rae to massage his shoulders while making sex sounds that can be heard all over the office.


He then asks him to massage his feet, too. Geu Rae is clearly uncomfortable.



Geu Rae is totally about to do it but Mr. Kim pulls him aside.

Mr. Kim asks, “Why do you keep saying yes to everything he requests? Is it because your name is ‘Geu Rae’ [which means ‘yes’ in Korean]?”


"Lol, good pun."

“Lol, good pun.”

At Sucky’s department, he gets assigned more work from his boss. He pulls the guy aside and asks him why he keeps giving him his work.


His boss is like “Omg you really think I give you all my work?” But he then clarifies that he is trying to train him, a newbie.


He honestly makes Mr. Kang Boss looks so good.

In Ha-Neul’s plot, the revision he submitted on behalf of Mr. Kang got rejected.



He called the guy earlier to see if he knows, and the guy says, “It’s usually because of the basics, but you already know the basics so it can’t be that. Double-check for something else.”


Ha-Neul gets a realization that he does not, indeed, know the basics. That’s what got him arguing with Mr. Kang Boss in the first place. He insisted that he did know the basics and that he was getting these meaningless tasks. Now, he finds out that he does not actually know it and it got his proposal rejected.


Young Yi is still doing odd work for her bosses.


They spill something and make her clean up. The gang end up gathering to help her clean. They use the opportunity to talk about how they’re treated like crap as newbies.

True friends.

True friends.

Ha-Neul gets a phone call from the recruiter to confirm the interview.


The ship with Young Yi is dying down now so please don’t leave.

He goes back to his desk and reviews the rejected items. Mr. Oh walks by.


He gives Ha-Neul some advice about why it may have gotten rejected, including having the wrong format.


He remembers a time when Mr. Kang Boss got annoyed at him for not knowing the company’s format.

Yas, flashback.

Yas, flashback.

Later that night, Geu Rae invites Mr. Kim to his house.

Wait, why tho?

Wait, why tho?

They meet his mom and have dinner.

I guess he find Mr. Kim personable and approachable enough to do this.

I guess he finds Mr. Kim personable and approachable enough to do this.

He tells Mr. Kim about his past playing Go and how he uses the strategies he learned to conquer the office life.


Mr. Kim later asks him if he uses Twitter and requests that he follows him. Geu Rae admits that he thought bosses and subordinates aren’t supposed to be friends on social media.

I mean, if it's a professional Twitter, then it's nbd.

I mean, if it’s a professional Twitter, then it’s nbd.

The next morning at work, Ha-Neul goes to the rooftop to contemplate life and the basics.


He has a flashback about yelling at Mr. Kang Boss, telling him he’s learned all the basics in school and as an intern.

"Sure, you did."

“Sure, you did.”

He goes back to his desk, leaves his pride behind, and gives Mr. Kang Boss a call.


He admits that the proposal got rejected because he didn’t know the basics. Mr. Kang Boss doesn’t chastise him and, instead, gives him directions on how to do things he didn’t know how to do.


Tbh I wouldn’t want to work with him as a boss but he’s not a bad person.

He ends the call with an ominous “See you tomorrow”, which means he’ll be back in the office, yass.


“Get ready for my pretty face tomorrow.”

In the next scene, Geu Rae is checking out social media. He decides to follow Mr. Kim on Twitter.



Mr. Kim sees that Geu Rae follows him and follows back. They’re happy. The end.


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