Lunch Box: Episode 2

For the introduction, we rewind and see how Ji Soo made the food that he left in her locker.


I'm more interested in how he got into her locker.

I’m more interested in how he got into her locker.

Then, we see the girl showing her mom via Skype the lunch someone made for her.

Her mom says, “The fuck? Don’t eat it! You don’t know where it’s from!”

She responds, “It’s okay, ma. It says ‘halal’ on it.”

I’m like, “Girl, I don’t think she meant halal but more like poison.”


Next, we see Ji Soo opening her locker later. He finds that the lunch from yesterday wasn’t eaten. Wa-wa.



A college student who doesn’t like free food? Unrealistic.

He asks his dad to eat and see what’s wrong with it. The man comments that it’s alright but not enough to captivate a woman. Women these days like very special things.



Like a guy who doesn’t stalk her.

He pulls out the fresh groceries he just got and is now ready to make more special dishes for her.


Oh dear god.

Next, we get a montage of him putting lunch in her locker everyday. She sees them but doesn’t do anything. He comes back and replaces them with new food.



I feel kinda bad for him. Someone teach this boy basic dating skills, please.


He makes more food and even leaves a little bear that says “100% Halal”.



She still didn’t eat it.

Ji Soo goes to the grocer where he buys his halal food and tells him that she hasn’t eaten it. I thought this outgoing grocer who knows her would knock some sense into him, but he just tells him, “Ah, she’ll eat it this time. I know it.”


GOd dammit. Giving him false hopes.


He may be a stalker but at least he’s really tall.

The next day, he leaves more shiz in her locker.

Her name is Yulia.

Her name is Yulia.

She catches him and asks, “Wanna eat together?”

"If you poisoned my food, now I will know."

“If you poisoned my food, now I will know.”

They go outside but only he’s eating the food.


She then tells him, “Don’t bring me any more lunch boxes.” He’s suddenly super sad to hear that.


“Wow…I didn’t know you hate me that much.”

To be continued…


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