Lunch Box: Episode 1

I, unfortunately, could not watch this in Russian.

(Not like it would have mattered anyway. They barely spoke in this freaking series).

Allow me to introduce to you this 2015 mini-series drama called Lunch Box.

It’s about Ji Soo being a cook. He works at a restaurant/eatery with, I’m assuming, his dad. Here, we see him making fried rice.



He can cook for me anyday.

He can cook for me anyday.

That’s just the intro. In this next scene, he’s putting together a lunch box to be delivered. His dad comments on how he’s putting so much love and thought into the boxes.



He goes to a school where these guys are waiting. I’m guessing they ordered the food, but I’m not seeing any of them paying for it.


Maybe it’s a post-cash society.

Suddenly, this girl walks in the room.

Aw, fuck.

Aw, fuck.

She’s speaking on the phone in a different language. It’s Indonesian.

Ji Soo gives her a fourth lunch box and says that it’s for her. She’s like, “No, thankies” and pulls out her own lunch.



So she clearly did not order that lunch box. Based on how the series goes later, I bet he just knew she was going to be there and made her one even though she didn’t ask.

Now, he just stands there looking like an idiot.

Your own fault, buddy.

Your own fault, buddy.

He goes back to the restaurant and eats his the food, saying how great it tastes.


He takes really big bites, I just noticed.

The next day, he goes to the market to buy groceries for the restaurant. Ah, but guess who he sees?




The girl is buying food from another store and joking around with a friendly clerk who seems to know her well.

When she leaves, he goes into the store and asks to buy the food that girl just bought.

"In a non-creepy way, please."

“In a non-creepy way, please.”

The dude asks, “Are you Muslim?” to which Ji Soo says, “Huh? No.”

The clerk then says, “Oh, then you want to cook halal food.”


Not to be confused with “haram” food.

Ji Soo’s like, “Oh, yes. Please give me all of them.”

He goes home to learn about halal food from the internet.



He did spend all his money on all the halal food.

He’s now cooking it.


The next day, the girl opens up her locker to find some food left there.



She takes the food as Ji Soo stands some distance away watching her.

In a non-creepy way, of course.

In a non-creepy way, of course.

To be continued….


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