Misaeng: Episode 12

In the last episode, Geu Rae suggested his team take on the Jordan business idea that was tainted because some old man in their team once made it into a scam. Geu Rae said that if you take out the scamming bit, it’s a pretty good idea.

Mr. Oh agreed to take it on. The team is now discussing how they’re gonna do it. Everyone’s on board, albeit hesitantly.

Mr. Kim then pulls Geu Rae aside to tell him that it’s a risky project that could ruin his career, but he won’t say any more because Mr. Oh has decided to go forward with it.

“At least you can go back to ZE:A.”

Young Yi is at the ATM or something and she checks her bank book.

She’s pretty happy.

Haneul conveniently comes by. He notices that she’s happy and says “Wow, you sure love money. I didn’t know that.”

What the hell, Haneul? Everyone loves money.

They talk about money. They walk.

Suddenly, she trips. Her heel broke.


At the office, Haneul sees the secretary comes in. Remember the incident earlier, he asks himself, “Do all women have to wear heels?”

It’s a complicated situation, Haneul.

In the breakroom, Geu Rae is doing his thing while Sucky stands there and complains about his boss, saying he’s a psychopath. He thinks Geu Rae is lucky to have good bosses.

Your boss wouldn’t hate you so much if you just get better hair.

Suddenly, Mr. Chun walks in. He and Geu Rae give each other this look as if he just caught Geu Rae cheating on him with Sucky???

The fuck?

Mr. Chun asks Sucky to leave so they can talk.

Sucky doesn’t know that he’s Geu Rae’s side ho, I guess.

Mr. Chun then proceeds to tell Geu Rae that he’s cool with newbies being enthusiastic and all but Geu Rae has no filter for politics or emotions. Because of his radical Jordan business idea, people around the office are starting to talk.

You care too much about what people think.

Later, some people got wind that they’re redoing the Jordan idea and came over to yell at Mr. Kim (the only senior there at the moment).

They start fighting.

Then, the Team gather for a meeting. Geu Rae feels bad.

Mr. Oh tells Geu Rae that he shouldn’t feel bad because he did nothing wrong.

But he later yells at Geu Rae for giving too much effort and trying too hard.


The next day, Young Yi finds out that her team will be involved in a consortium between the Steel team (Mr. Kang Boss and Haneul’s department) and Samjung Company. Samjung is where some man work and there’s a storyline between him and Young Yi. God, it’s a horrible storyline that I won’t go into detail about.

She’s shocked.

She has a flashback about the time working with that man. No one knows what happens. No one cares.

In Geu Rae’s office, Mr. Oh gives a call to a Jordanian dude.

He’s not actually Jordanian, but he lives there.

Mr. Oh asks him to send some data to help them with the project. The Jordanian dude agrees but warns him that the scandal has spread there as well.

Mr. Oh just needs you to send the data, not fill him in on gossip.

The next day is the meeting that Young Yi dreads. She’s forced to go because her boss couldn’t.

At the meeting is the old man she’s trying to avoid, as well as Mr. Kang Boss and Haneul.

Why does Haneul always look so ungraceful next to Mr. Kang Boss?

Meanwhile, Young Yi is scared to walk in.

Holy fuck. This is stupid. No more screencaps about this storyline.

At home later that night, Geu Rae looks at a world map that his mom puts upside down.

Geu Rae’s getting smarter everyday.

The next day, Sucky is working as his boss tries to hit up a bunch of women to ask out on a date.

He suddenly takes a pen directly from Sucky’s shirt pocket to write down numbers but it’s losing ink so he just throws it into the trash.

Sucky gets so angry at the abuse, he goes outside to scream as his three friends watch.

He screams about going to work to see someone you hate everyday and how angry he is.

But Geu Rae doesn’t have time to worry about Sucky drama, because his team is trying to prepare for a presentation on the cursed Jordan business idea.

They’re trying to brainstorm a good way to present the project that’s cool and persuasive.

Being the king of Cool, Geu Rae tries to help. He notices a huge world map in front of his cubicle and proceeds to do a handstand so he can see it upside down, the way his mom puts the map.

He then suggests a radical new way to do the presentation that’ll sure get them points.

Oh my god, Geu Rae. Haven’t you done enough damage?

I don’t remember the idea he gave. It was something to do with presenting it backward or  whatever.

When Geu Rae leaves the room, the three bosses consider his idea. Mr. Oh supports it and asks Geu Rae to put his idea into action.

Mr. Chun talks to Mr. Kim outside about why the hell Mr. Oh is going along with all of Geu Rae’s ridiculous ideas.

Because y’all don’t give him any?

They’re now in the boardroom practicing the presentation.

What will happen? Watch the next episode to find out.


Misaeng: Episode 11

Last episode, Mr. Park was found guilty of making false companies to scam them.

This episode starts out with a bunch of men coming over the office to take Mr. Park’s stuff and his former bosses are fired or demoted for not catching the scam. Mr. Oh and the team gets to stay because they’re the ones that ended this.


Mr. Park being escorted out. Thank god. I hate his character.
Mr. Park being escorted out. Thank god. I hate his character.

A bunch of executives (including the Executive Director) come over to congratulate the team. Mr. Oh even got promoted to Deputy Head, but he still works in the same place so eh it doesn’t matter.


So next scene: Mr. Kang Boss is working hard as usual.


Ha-Neul comes over and Mr. Kang Boss explains that his report is too long.

“Wtf did you just say?”

To teach him conciseness, Mr. Kang Boss hands him a piece of paper and his assignment for the day is to summarize that long-ass sentence.

That's if he can read it.
That’s if he can read it.

So Haneul gets to work.


Over in the main team, Mr. Kim receive news that they’re getting a new person to join them. It’s a certain Mr. Chun, who Mr. Kim says is actually normal and decent because they used to work together.

I just hope he's cute.
I just hope he’s cute.

They return to their desk and see that he’s already there.

Oh, he's pretty cool.
Oh, he’s pretty cool.

He’s the second cute guy that I told you about. I also told you not to get excited because he’s not as cute as Oh Min Suk.

40? Hm...this won't do.
And he’s 40.

They’re pretty taken aback at how tense Mr. Chun is considering they used to know each other and were totally cool together.

But they’re pretty happy nonetheless.

Except for Geu Rae, who doesn't show emotions.
Except for Geu Rae, who doesn’t show emotions.

At Sucky’s place, his boss is mad at him for doing more things wrong.


So he grabs the crew and is now out complaining about how they’re being treated like slaves.


Suddenly, his boss calls and asks him to have a drink with him. There, his boss calls Sucky a “sociopath”.


Sucky then calls his boss a “psychopath” and he gets so offended. He leaves and makes Sucky pay for the $570 bill.

Maybe if you have normal hair, he wouldn’t call you a sociopath.

We see Geu Rae and Young Yi walking together in the park as if their ship is about to emerge.

Tbh, I don’t even care what ship she belongs to anymore.

Meanwhile, Haneul is still at work trying to edit the paper Mr. Kang Boss gave him.


How are you gonna pass a whole writing class, Haneul?
How are you gonna pass a whole writing class, Haneul?

The next day, Geu Rae comes into the office and sees Mr. Chun, who tells Geu Rae stuff like “cut your hair and bangs” and “I’m probably gonna give you the most work”

Okay, you're cute but kinda mean here.
Okay, you’re cute but kinda mean here.

He then drags Mr. Kim aside and tells him how he needs to drop that comfortable attitude because he ain’t here to play games. He also hints how he was sent by someone to watch their team.

Behind that dreamy gaze is a head full of secrets.
Behind that dreamy gaze is a head full of secrets.

At Sucky’s place, he hands his boss a receipt for yesterday’s drinks. I’m assuming he wants a reimbursement.


His boss is like, “Wow, Sucky. You know, I didn’t want to say this but you really need to change your personality. You acted like a sociopath yesterday.”


He then walks away, refusing to pay for the receipt.


Meanwhile, Haneul is STILL working on that dumb sentence exercise.

Why did you even stay late last night?
Why did you even stay late last night?

Mr. Kang Boss walks by but doesn’t say anything.


He watches as Haneul focuses intently on that little piece of paper, still not saying anything.

Probably thinking about his lost lover, Jiyu.
Probably thinking about his lost lover, Jiyu.

In Geu Rae’s team, his bosses and him are out for some kbbq after work.

What is the stringy thingy? It’s not cheese, is it? Because I saw Ji Soo and Nam Joo Hyuk eating some stringy thingy, too.

Then, we see Mr. Chun going home to his wife.

Why is his family important?
Why is his family important?

He gets into bed and I hate this scene because it gives me bad thoughts.

But they’re just thoughts.

The next day, they sit together to discuss business proposals for the next year.

No more thoughts.

Little Geu Rae with no filter decides to suggest they retake the Jordan business idea that used to be Mr. Park’s. He explains that if you take out the scamming bit, it’s actually a cool thing.

And Geu Rae the Kpop idol definitely knows cool.
And Geu Rae the Kpop idol definitely knows cool.

Everyone’s taken aback.

Meanwhile, Haneul FINALLY finishes the sentence and types it up for Mr. Kang Boss.


He looks at it and says “Good.”


Someone give this guy a spoonful of emotions please.
Someone give this guy a spoonful of emotions please.

Haneul isn’t bothered by the one-worded compliment because he is pretty happy. He goes back to work and tries his hardest to hide the smile forming on his face.


He goes around re-reading his sentence because he’s just so proud.

Whatever helps you sleep at night, I guess.
Whatever helps you sleep at night, I guess.

He gets a text from Sucky about the latest Geu Rae gossip because Sucky literally has too much time on his hands.

They get together to discuss how Geu Rae is now proposing the tainted Jordan idea.


Haneul’s pretty annoyed anytime he hears Geu Rae doing something unconventional.


Mr. Oh goes and gets advice from other people.


He later meets with Geu Rae and decides to take on the project.