Misaeng: Episode 10

Some stuff’s about to go down.

This episode starts off with Mr. Park (the mean, lazy dude who just joined Geu Rae’s team) harassing female employees in the break room.

That's Mr. Park with Sucky's boss, who's also kinda shitty.

That’s Mr. Park with Sucky’s boss, who’s also kinda shitty.


Ms. Sunny hears about it and she goes tell him off. Remember that she’d been a victim of sexual harassment herself.


Mr. Oh hears about it and tells Mr. Park that they will put up with his laziness and incompetence but not his harassing ways.


They get back to work. Mr Park says he’ll work on the project that involve automobiles and a Jordanian company.

"King Abdullah is a good friend of mine."

“King Abdullah is a good friend of mine.”

Remember that Mr. Park was hired because he knows the Middle East and can get things done there.

At Young Yi’s place, she’s still doing odd chores for the team. Her boss’ coworkers are now also telling her to do things for them as if she’s a maid.


She goes to the break room but the water cooler ran out of water. She tries to put new water on it but it’s too heavy and she fails, spilling everywhere.

No one's there but she would've gotten a good yell if her boss was.

No one’s there but she would’ve gotten a good yell if her boss was.

In Geu Rae’s team, they go on a walk without Mr. Park.

Mr. Oh explains that he looked over Mr. Park’s proposal for the Jordan car business and something seems off. The projected profit is too high, and they think he must be getting kickbacks. Ruh-oh.


Geu Rae’s just a kpop star. What does he know?

At Ha-Neul’s work, he’s in the storage room taking inventory of steel-y stuff because he works for the Steel department.

Mr. Kang Boss walks in and asks why all the different samples aren’t organized, which makes it hard to find something you need.


Yeah, Ha-Neul. Why?

Yeah, Ha-Neul. Why?

So Ha-Neul gets organizing.


Get your shit together, Ha-Neul. Mr. Kang Boss needs you to learn the basics pronto.


He looks good in this scene.

Mr. Kang Boss leaves and Young Yi comes into the room. She says that she could hear him getting told off from outside and it sounds like he’s becoming more like her by staying silent.


We get a flashback of Ha-Neul telling the recruiter or someone that he decided to stay, which means more Mr. Kang Boss yass.


Meanwhile, Sucky’s getting told off by his own boss for not greeting him today. Sucky’s been having an attitude ever since he felt like his boss had been using him to do his own work.


He’s not a good boss.

Sucky tells his boss that he wants to take half the day off because he has a headache.


We all know who’s giving Sucky the headache though.


In Young Yi’s office, her boss tells her to go to the storage room in another city to make sure the fertilizer gets shipped or something like that. They want it done by tomorrow.


Sucky conveniently comes by on the elevator to hear that Young Yi is going on a field trip. He invites himself on the trip with her.


Back to Geu Rae’s team. Ha-Neul comes by to give some report to Mr. Oh.

Mr. Oh asks if Ha-Neul decided to stay with the company after all, and Ha-Neul’s a bit surprised that he knew but answered yes. Mr. Oh then said that Mr. Kang Boss is a good guy so he should do a good job.

I know he's a good guy.

Why does he always look like he wants to murder everyone on this show?

Why does he always look like he wants to murder everyone on this show?

When Ha-Neul leaves, Mr. Park gives Mr. Oh his Jordan car report. Mr. Oh decides to check it meticulously, to the dismay of Mr. Park. He now knows that they don’t trust him.



He’s onto him.

Mr. Park pulls Geu Rae aside and yells at him for conspiring with Mr. Oh and Mr. Kim. He calls Geu Rae names for not having graduated high school and blah blah.


Meanwhile, Sucky tags along as Young Yi visits one of the company’s sites to make sure those fertilizers get delivered.


He’s like a little pest that’s not really worth it to get rid of.

At the site, they’re told that everyone’s on strike and so there’s no one to ship the fertilizer. Young Yi calls the office for cues on what to do now. Her boss isn’t there, but his colleague tells her to just leave because there’s nothing she can do.

He says that if she was a guy, he’d tell her to drive the truck herself to deliver the fertilizer, but she’s a girl, so. :/


But she’s not gonna let some idiotic guy tells her what she can and can’t do. She takes matter into her own hands and gets a truck herself.


She actually plans to have Sucky drive it, but he tells her that he doesn’t have a license. Surprise!



So she drives the truck on the highway. It’s so scary that she can only go 25 mph.


Back at the office, Mr. Oh finally confronts Mr. Park about why the profits are so high.

Mr. Park just makes some excuse about how it’s a firm that became independent from a large company, so they have all kinds of connections and resources or whatever.


Mr. Park gets annoyed and leaves.

Mr. Oh decides to do an internal audit. He tells Mr. Kim and Geu Rae to go somewhere and find the facts. I’m a little bit hazy here.

They get dressed up and go somewhere important.

They get dressed up and go somewhere important.

At Young Yi’s office, her boss is concerned about why she’s not here. She’d been told to come back and they realized that it doesn’t have to be done by tomorrow.

Maybe part of it is because of your shitty attitude.

Maybe part of it is because of your shitty attitude.

The truck is still driving to wherever it’s going.


So Geu Rae and Mr. Kim gets to this company, and they see Mr. Park there.



This is kind of a dramatic part. They’re here staring down Mr. Park while Mr. Oh talks to executives at the office about what to do. Then, a bunch of auditors came.


It goes on for 20 minutes. After several back and forth, we find out that Mr. Park has been scamming the company. He and his cousin created a fake corporation that pretends to be different businesses (including the Jordanian one that he claimed to be working with) so he rakes in all the profits.


Geu Rae is seen as the hero because he solved a big piece of the puzzle.


It’s now nighttime. Young Yi’s boss is still working and she’s not back yet.


He calls her and demands that she comes back.


When she’s back, he yells at her about how she could’ve gotten into an accident and it would’ve hurt the company’s image.



The end.

Wow, that was a pathetic amount of Mr. Kang Boss.


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